Randy Walker Sculpture










I make connections to things I find in the world around me. These things become frameworks for my art. I am interested in engaging objects and spaces in a way that reveals some underlying structure or new dimension. I have found this hidden potential in all manner of objects, spaces, and ideas ranging in scale from the minute to the architectural.  Sometimes forms are found within abstract ideas or concepts which have no dimension at all. The foundations for my work may originate in mundane tools of living- kitchen utensils, pencil holders, saw blades, window screens, fish traps. Or they might be take shape in corn cribs, grain silos, or civic spaces.  Common to each found object or space I select, however, is a quality that suggests a process of connection making, a space to be filled, another dimension to be explored.
Fiber has proven highly effective for making connections. A simple strand of fiber is not only a literal way of interrelating two points in space, it can be repeated and developed into complex spatial configurations that celebrate the frameworks that support them. Insignificant threads can acquire a visual presence that exceeds their physical mass. Weaving, threading and attaching, while requiring a general strategy, are processes that do not demand an entirely preconceived plan of action. I am most happy when I know how I can make my connections, but have no idea where I will make these connections or in what order. An easily manipulated material, fiber allows for this uncertainty. 
As I continue to search for the foundations of my next work, I look at the constructions that surround us. I am seeking a delicate balance of both undefined space and structure.