Randy Walker Sculpture


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Comment by: jasmine
awesome work randy! they are an absolute delight!
Comment by: Alex Dietz
Ran across your site looking for things to do on our Mpls stay-cation. Now we're planning a Randy Walker art tour day!
Comment by: Dennis Schaefer
I'm loving the installations shown on this page, and am looking forward to your talk tonight at the Albuquerque Museum. I do big immersive installations myself, but...only in the virtual world of Second Life, where one doesn't have to worry about things like gravity. Here's a web page for one: http://slripple.blogspot.com/
Comment by: Richard Morehouse
Randy, Pleasant statements! I look forward to meeting you sometime while we both have some. So I hope to meet you soon. Keep it going........RM
Comment by: Jessica
Love the work! So nice to see customers actual pieces!
Comment by: Sharon Irwin & John Akamatsu
Your work is spectacular and your vision is so creative. I wish we could see these all iin person; glad to see them on your website.
Comment by: Carson Tarnasky
Hey, I heard about you at franconia sculpture Park. I am an intern artist here this summer of 2014. I AM from edmonton alberta.
Comment by: Suzanne Visor
Randy, As I write today your Portal design is quickly taking shape at our Albuquerque International Balloon Museum. Truly exciting and we here at the Museum are anxious to use our newly defined space. Hope you will join us at its dedication. The very contemporary structure,though in great contrast to our building (shaped like a hot air balloon being inflated) really is complementary and fitting. Thank you. Suzanne Visor, Education Coordinator
Comment by: Joel Hodroff
Truly inspirational work, Randy! Joel (from the Y)
Comment by: Deborah
This is very intresting to see what else can be done with our Braid.Absolutely not boreing.
Comment by: zsuzsanna
Amazing work and concepts! Thank you for letting me think about space, geometry, light and objects through a different perspective! Hope to see your work in person one day!
Comment by: Kim Matthews
Website: kimmatthewsart.com
Found out about your work via the BrownGrotta website and just enjoyed watching your MNO segment. Wishing you continued success.
Comment by: Heather
Visited the Science Museum of MN and saw some of Randy's work on display. Amazing!I had to look up more of your work online.
Comment by: Ed Richman
Love your work! Your palette is quite complete and takes way more creativity than my oils, which are truly limitless. Just completed a Seder at my house with Sue Walker Pelman!
Comment by: Brigitt (bee)
Website: www.robandbee.com
Beautiful work, Randy. I'd love to see some in person some day!
Comment by: Michele Martin
Your drawings are at once alluring and then eerie. They capture so much and make you want to keep on looking. I’d hang one of your drawings in my home because you could walk by it many times and still see something different.
Comment by: Ana
I absolotly love your work...im only 14...but its amazing(:
Comment by: Whitney
Well done Randy, it's a pleasure to see your work in all forms and dimensions; online, in person, and hearing you talk about it.
Comment by: Just
Website: www.justportrait.com
Thanks for sharing your work! I enjoy to see these big artwork.
Comment by: Robert Strait
Striking, beautiful and compelling. I love that you do so many public works. I'm thrilled to have this glimpse into the past 20 years of your life.
Comment by: Michael
Randy - your work is amazing. I would love to see it for myself someday.
Comment by: Magda
Randy, I loved the colors and different designs. I also love the one you have at your father's work place. I am one of his patients. Good luck with all you touch. God Bless. Magda
Comment by: Andy Holdsworth
Randy - it is fantastic to see all of the beautiful, thoughtful projects you have done. Looking forward to seeing sometime soon!
Comment by: Suzanne
Beautiful website...shows your work at its luminous and complex best. Suz.
Comment by: Melissa Hin
Website: http://www.mhinart.com
I found your work to be most intriguing. Great website! Best wishes.
Comment by: Katie Simon-Dastych
Hi Randy - each day we pass the rocket on the way to work I can't express just how much pride this project and your work continues to give me. We love the rocket, and we are happy that you were selected to create a new life for the rocket. Happy Holidays, KT & Jerry D
Comment by: Timothy Riley
Website: www.appletonartcenter.org
Many thanks for a wonderful Web site. It showcases your work very well. Keep of the terrific work.
Comment by: Mark
Website: http://www.fisar.net
Very impresive art! It may be interesting to cooperate with you some day in future and connect your materials with my techniques. Art is amaizing way how to Live :-)
Comment by: Mike Kuskowski
Dear Mr. Walker, I thought your sculpture exhibition was the highlight of 2007 Twin Cities ArtAwhirl and the most beautiful modern sculpture I've seen in years. Good luck in the future.
Comment by: Amy
Hi Randy! Awesome stuff. I hope to see your latest art in person someday soon!
Comment by: Anna
I look forward to seeing more of your sculpture!
Comment by: gabriela
Website: impactfolios.com/anastasio
I really appreciate your statement. It was delightfully absolute. A perfect text to accompany your work. Best!
Comment by: Lily
wonderful creativity

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